Vincent Willcox

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Well, lets start at the beginning. I’m Vincent (or Vince) and I am thirty something years old and I currently live in Colchester. I’m still getting the know the area but I do like the fact that I’m a very short train ride away from the east coast.

I currently work for Civica, supporting their Housing Application Software (Keystone, Cx). I spend the days dealing with customers on the phone and via email. This involves supporting MS SQL, IIS based applications.

Previous to this I worked for Subex UK, in their BT Support department. I helped ensure that several Unix and Oracle SQL systems are running. I also helped keep the Business Objects system ticking along.

I have previously worked full time as an IT Consultant making sure the HR and Pension systems don’t blow up or delete everybody’s details. During this work 1 week a month I also handled the call out for these systems.

I also enjoy spending time doing website coding, but can’t design a website to save my life – so thanks for google and the search string “personal website templates”. I now have a better source of designs – Jo

Home Life

During the evenings and weekends I keep my self busy with occasional picture taking with my Digital SLR or playing with my Raspberry Pi.

I love technology and electronics and I am currently looking to build a “plug & play” home automation system based on the Raspberry Pi platform. This will include control of plug sockets to start with, but I do intend to include other controls later.

When I am not playing with my SLR or Raspberry Pi, I will be blogging over on my Tech Blog (

Thanks for reading this far. Why not head over to my personal blog? Or take a look at some of the photos I have taken by clicking on the gallery Icon to the left?