Well, lets start at the beginning. I’m Vincent (or Vince) and I am thirty something years old and I currently live in Colchester. I’m still getting the know the area but I do like the fact that I’m a very short train ride away from the east coast.

I currently work for Civica, supporting their Housing Application Software (Keystone, Cx). I spend the days dealing with customers on the phone and via email. This involves supporting MS SQL, IIS based applications.

Previous to this I worked for Subex UK, in their BT Support department. I helped ensure that several Unix and Oracle SQL systems are running. I also helped keep the Business Objects system ticking along.

I have previously worked full time as an IT Consultant making sure the HR and Pension systems don’t blow up or delete everybody’s details. During this work 1 week a month I also handled the call out for these systems.

I also enjoy spending time doing website coding, but can’t design a website to save my life – so thanks for google and the search string “personal website templates”. I now have a better source of designs – Jo

Home Life

During the evenings and weekends I keep my self busy with occasional picture taking with my Digital SLR or playing with my Raspberry Pi.

I love technology and electronics and I am currently looking to build a “plug & play” home automation system based on the Raspberry Pi platform. This will include control of plug sockets to start with, but I do intend to include other controls later.

When I am not playing with my SLR or Raspberry Pi, I will be blogging over on my Tech Blog (www.talktech.info).

Thanks for reading this far. Why not head over to my personal blog? Or take a look at some of the photos I have taken by clicking on the gallery Icon to the left?



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Welcome back!

Well it’s been a long time since I posted here. I have been spending too much time on Facebook and Twitter. So I decided to give my personal site a touch up. I have refreshed some images, and confirmed everything is working. In the next day or so, I will add some more images that …


Yesterday morning I was rudely awoken by a leak in our roof! The heavy rain was making it’s way into our house and onto the landing. On it’s way to the landing it decided to pass through our smoke alarm and has now broken it! While walking to the scene of the crime, I had …