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Bye Bye iPhone 4?

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On the 22nd of May O2 will offer me an upgrade on my iPhone 4 and I have been looking at the new phones available.

One of the phones I have been looking at is the Brand new Samsung Galaxy S II. This is an Android 2.3 phone and runs a dual core 1.2GHz processor (Faster then the iPhone 4’s Single core 1Ghz processor). It can also take SDHC Memory cards to expand the storage. Oh and the Camera is 8MegaPixels.

So I am torn – should I stick with my iPhone 4 where I have lots of apps I have paid for and just wait for the iPhone 5 as and when – or should I lose all my paid apps – and switch over to an Android phone?

I like the more freedom that you get from Android, but I like that on iPhone’s you have a much more stable App store. The apps I see for Android always seem buggy and due to the massive range of screen differences – some don’t like big screens!


  • Open architecture
  • Faster
  • Upgradable memory
  • User replaceable batteries
  • Adobe Flash Support


  • Less stable app store
  • Would lose all the apps I have purchased
  • Would need to spend more money getting the apps again

Well, the pros do outweigh the cons – but still..