Welcome back!

Well it’s been a long time since I posted here. I have been spending too much time on Facebook and Twitter. So I decided to give my personal site a touch up. I have refreshed some images, and confirmed everything is working.

In the next day or so, I will add some more images that I have taken over the years.

I am also debating shuttering TalkTech.info and focusing here. Talktech.info was good for awhile, but I don’t think I want two sites to focus on. So I may also shut my talktech twitter down and focus back on my original twitter feed.

Amazon Auto-Rip : Cheaper then getting the MP3!

Classic FM Hall Of Fame 2014 Amazon.co.uk Music

Classic FM Hall Of Fame 2014 Amazon.co.uk Music

Classic FM Hall Of Fame 2014  Amazon.co.uk  Music.- price 2png


Why is it that sometimes it is a few pounds cheaper to buy the CD from Amazon and then get the MP3 Auto-Rip’d for you for no extra charge?

Lets take my recent purchase of Classic FM Hall Of Fame 2014

The cost of the CD (at the time of me writing this post) was £7.99.
The cost of the MP3 was £9.49

So in this instance, it is £1.50 cheaper to buy the CD and get instant access to the MP3 downloads for free.

Classic FM Hall Of Fame 2014  Amazon.co.uk  Music - price



Don’t get me wrong, this is fantastic for us consumers. I get instant access to the music and then when I get the CD, I can re-rip it into a lossless format of my chosing. I also get the knowledge that I can always listen to the music if Amazon closes down, or my hardrive gets messed up and I loose my already downloaded copy!



Water Droplet

Water Droplet

Yesterday morning I was rudely awoken by a leak in our roof! The heavy rain was making it’s way into our house and onto the landing. On it’s way to the landing it decided to pass through our smoke alarm and has now broken it!

While walking to the scene of the crime, I had visions of buckled ceilings and flooded stairs. Luckily the truth was that there was little internal damage. A Small wet spot on the ceiling and a broken smoke alarm.

One small consolation is that due to the fact I rent the house, it will be somebody else footing the bill the repair the roof and return some normality to the house!


Site Design Update!

I heard from several designers that a website design is never finished. In my case that is correct and today brings another new look to my site.

There are various HTML 5 elements at play on this new design. If you look to the right you will see that that background image is flipping between images. If you would like to see them without intruption from the site contents, just click the camera icon on the icon menu and the content will slide away.

Click any icon to go back to the content.

I would like to thank Jo again for her design skills in getting me this new modern look.

A Day at Great Yarmouth

Well what do you know, nice weather on a weekend! So out I go on the train up to Great Yarmouth coastal resort.

Snap a few pictures and enjoy the sun, sea sand and Sangria. Overall a pleasant day out with Jo.

Here are some select shots from the day.

Things have moved on!

Well after a bit of playing around, this site is now back to being about me. Anything technical will now be over on www.talktech.info (Please take a look!).

I will now off and ramble on my site about what is bugging me with the world!

Out with the Old

Well, this theme and website design have served me well for a while now.
But the time has come for something fresh.

A new look is being worked on and with this – a new name and a move.

I finally have a focus for what will and won’t be on the agenda to post/blog about so you will see more focus in my posts in the future. I may even tell you what I am talking about (looking through the history I see posts where I make no reference to what I am discussing).

So this blog will slow turn back into a personal site and my ramblings and help/advice will come afresh!

Come back soon to find the new look @ the new address.