Blog Cleanup

I have decided to go through my blog and clean it up a little and and some new features.

I am now using Facebook connect to allow people to interact with my blog posts. What does this mean to you I hear you all cry (OK – maybe not)? Facebook connect allows you to post comments on my blog under your Facebook account. It also enables faster sharing if you think one of my posts is interesting or useful.

For me – it lets me interact with you on a more one to one level as I will see comments on my Facebook feeds.

So for now – enjoy the added options of interaction. I will be adding some G+ integration soon as well.


Three days in.

So I have had this phone for nearly three days now and I must say I love it.

One of my favorite features is swype.
Swype is a method of typing on a phone fast and easily.

This has upped my typing speed massively on the phone.

I have been able to find all the apps and games I could want with little exception.

The phone does feel a lot faster than the iphone and is nicer to hold even though it is bigger.

The oled screen is bright even in sunlight.

It does get got when I play some heavy 3d games but so did the iphone.

So I am very happy with it.

On it’s Way!

So, my new phone is on it’s way to me now! The new Samsung Galaxy S II.

I should get this in 1-2 days, then I will be transferring my contacts etc across!

Features I’m looking forward to:

  • Firefox for Mobile
  • Winamp for Mobile
  • Wireless Music Syncing (Winamp feature)
  • Developing for it without needing to pay an Apple Developer tax!

Features I’m not looking forward to:

  • Android Upgrades relying on the Phone provider and not Google.
  • Change (although people say change is a good thing!)


Samsung Galaxy S II

Well, it has been decided – I am going for the Galaxy S II. I will try to milk it out of O2 on the 23rd of May!

So – the first person to send me £300+ gets my iPhone 4 and I will throw in the Battery extender I have!

Bye Bye iPhone 4?

On the 22nd of May O2 will offer me an upgrade on my iPhone 4 and I have been looking at the new phones available.

One of the phones I have been looking at is the Brand new Samsung Galaxy S II. This is an Android 2.3 phone and runs a dual core 1.2GHz processor (Faster then the iPhone 4’s Single core 1Ghz processor). It can also take SDHC Memory cards to expand the storage. Oh and the Camera is 8MegaPixels.

So I am torn – should I stick with my iPhone 4 where I have lots of apps I have paid for and just wait for the iPhone 5 as and when – or should I lose all my paid apps – and switch over to an Android phone?

I like the more freedom that you get from Android, but I like that on iPhone’s you have a much more stable App store. The apps I see for Android always seem buggy and due to the massive range of screen differences – some don’t like big screens!


  • Open architecture
  • Faster
  • Upgradable memory
  • User replaceable batteries
  • Adobe Flash Support


  • Less stable app store
  • Would lose all the apps I have purchased
  • Would need to spend more money getting the apps again

Well, the pros do outweigh the cons – but still..


Android @ Home

From Engadget:

Want more Android in your house? How about Android in your house. Google wants to think of “every appliance in your home” as a potential accessory for your phone. The opportunities are seemingly endless, the sort of thing we’ve seen in the Zigbee and Z-wave areas, but sadly this implementation doesn’t actually seem to be using any of those standards. The team teased ideas like lights turning on and off based on calendar events, applications talking to washing machines, games automatically adjusting for mood lighting, and basically little green dudes taking care of all the menial duties in your house.

One amazing demo was a concept, Android-powered device hub called Tungsten. Using RFID embedded into CD cases the device was able to detect the CD and add it to your library. Another touch and it started automatically. Yeah, the use of CDs is a little quaint, but the potential is there for amazing things in the future. We’re not sure exactly when these accessories will be launching, but the first are expected before the end of the year.


Long time…

Well, due to work commitments it has been a while since I have posted anything!

I just realized that I have now lived in Ipswich for 7 months! I can’t believe it has been that long! It really does not feel like it.

In that time I have managed to get fully settled in at work and am getting on with my work colleague’s well and cook several BBQ’s without poisoning myself or Jo! I have taken a trip to Colchester and it’s zoo. I have also been up to Great Yarmouth.

I have also helped Jo get Sentient Creation up and running and find her some clients. Jo has managed to create several nice sites too.

So seven months in and it is going great!

So, Ipswich

Well, 4 months ago I made a huge move to keep myself employed.

I now live in Ipswich (Suffolk near the East coast for you not from the UK) and work for a new company. I work 5 days a week on a site formally owned by the GPO, British Telecom, BT (all the same company really!) and support several Oracle databases, Business Objects applications and multiple Unix servers.

I have also upgraded my lifestyle slightly. I used to live in a small one bedroom ground floor flat with less living space then the space shuttle (no – really!). Now I live in a nice three bedroom end-of-terrace house with a small but decent back garden.

Other changes to my life include a decent bump in internet access. In Milton Keynes I was limited to a 5Mb (at best) ADSL connection. Here in Ipswich thanks to Virgin Media (aka NTL, CableTel etc) I now have a 50Mb fiber connection to the rest of the world!

So this is my life in Ipswich! I am a very happy man now!

What do do with all my space and speed?

On the move!

Well, for over 6 years I have been working for Intelligroup, but now am about to start a new job.
One small thing however is that this new job is in Ipswich. 120 miles away from where I currently live.

So I am moving up there to live. Packing up my life and shifting it to Ipswich.

I am very happy with this as I am moving from a small 1 bedroom flat into a nice 3 bedroom house. I gain 2 bedrooms and a garden!

This is a massive move and I am hoping it all goes to plan.

Fingers crossed!

RSS Feed Desktop Images

There is a small know feature of Windows 7 that will allow you to feed your desktop background from an RSS feed.

What use could this be? Well desktop artists like Ryan Bliss (Digital Blasphemy) create several new images a month and you may not want to download them manually.

Ryan has a Picasa album of his free artwork for people to look through (

So, as a demo I have create a theme file that will be feed from that.

DigitalBlasphemy – Download this file and extract the .theme file and double click it to set it up. It will ask if you want to download all images – you should say yes!

I am going to look at creating one that uses good free 3D images and putting them together as examples!