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I have just been playing (very briefly) with the new image shake reduction tool in Photoshop CC.

I used an image it took during the winter from my study room window. The original image never had the snap or the sharpness I liked and I lack the skills to do it myself. So I opened the raw image in photoshop (Olympus raw!) and set about using the new tool.

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There is a small know feature of Windows 7 that will allow you to feed your desktop background from an RSS feed.

What use could this be? Well desktop artists like Ryan Bliss (Digital Blasphemy) create several new images a month and you may not want to download them manually.

Ryan has a Picasa album of his free artwork for people to look through (

So, as a demo I have create a theme file that will be feed from that.

DigitalBlasphemy – Download this file and extract the .theme file and double click it to set it up. It will ask if you want to download all images – you should say yes!

I am going to look at creating one that uses good free 3D images and putting them together as examples!

This is one of my first new Fractals in a while. It was created by just playing with some of the settings – a sort of happy accident!

What do you think?


This is another fractal I originally created a few years back. But since I now have a better machine, I have upped the resolution to 1920 x 1200 (widescreen). I have also increased the detail slighly by rendering with higher settings (thank you 8Gb ram!)


During my downtime, I like to play with different things on my computer. One of those is Flame Fractals (wikipedia link). These are interesting art created using mathamatical scripts to create recuring fractals.

I use a tool called Apophysis to create them as it can be done visually with no math skills needed for the most part!

Here is a sample of one of my resulting renders.

Green Starburst