Long time…

Well, due to work commitments it has been a while since I have posted anything!

I just realized that I have now lived in Ipswich for 7 months! I can’t believe it has been that long! It really does not feel like it.

In that time I have managed to get fully settled in at work and am getting on with my work colleague’s well and cook several BBQ’s without poisoning myself or Jo! I have taken a trip to Colchester and it’s zoo. I have also been up to Great Yarmouth.

I have also helped Jo get Sentient Creation up and running and find her some clients. Jo has managed to create several nice sites too.

So seven months in and it is going great!

So, Ipswich

Well, 4 months ago I made a huge move to keep myself employed.

I now live in Ipswich (Suffolk near the East coast for you not from the UK) and work for a new company. I work 5 days a week on a site formally owned by the GPO, British Telecom, BT (all the same company really!) and support several Oracle databases, Business Objects applications and multiple Unix servers.

I have also upgraded my lifestyle slightly. I used to live in a small one bedroom ground floor flat with less living space then the space shuttle (no – really!). Now I live in a nice three bedroom end-of-terrace house with a small but decent back garden.

Other changes to my life include a decent bump in internet access. In Milton Keynes I was limited to a 5Mb (at best) ADSL connection. Here in Ipswich thanks to Virgin Media (aka NTL, CableTel etc) I now have a 50Mb fiber connection to the rest of the world!

So this is my life in Ipswich! I am a very happy man now!

What do do with all my space and speed?

On the move!

Well, for over 6 years I have been working for Intelligroup, but now am about to start a new job.
One small thing however is that this new job is in Ipswich. 120 miles away from where I currently live.

So I am moving up there to live. Packing up my life and shifting it to Ipswich.

I am very happy with this as I am moving from a small 1 bedroom flat into a nice 3 bedroom house. I gain 2 bedrooms and a garden!

This is a massive move and I am hoping it all goes to plan.

Fingers crossed!

Blogging on the go

Well, I’m slowly getting to grips with my new iPhone. I can now publish posts on the move. So now any time I feel like it I can add my thoughts to the Internet. I can include pictures and videos.

So you can look forward to many new posts from me about all sorts of technology while I am out and about.